SBUK Meeting – Birmingham

Sunrise over the city of Birmingham
Discussions underway between leading straw bale practitioners, new start ups and non-practitioners keen to promote the industry.


Whilst steadily growing in the industry, straw bale construction still makes up a relatively small part of the sector in the UK. Across many countries in Europe there is a lot of interesting and exciting activity underway, ranging from grassroots initiatives, new companies, creative and individuals and academic research. A lot of this knowledge and creativity is exchange through national and international bodies such as RFCP – Réseau Français de la Construction en Paille in France amongst several others, who are members of ESBA (European Straw Building Association).

The UK is one of the few countries that up until recently didn’t have a national body to represent the industry and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge for the pursuit of best practice and increased awareness of straw bale building.

SBUK (StrawBale Building United Kingdom) was set up by Jeffrey Hart and established with the collaboration of leading straw bale practitioners from across the UK. Still in the process of setting up and establishing itself as a fully fledge association SBUK is on it’s fourth meeting.

Hawkland managed to attend in the form of co-director David Copeland. The meetings are always a great time to catch up with friends and colleagues, whilst helping in any way we can to support this initiative.

Stay tuned for developments and updates on SBUK

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